News Banner Cover Hockey Open House Event

🌟Join Us at The Performance Lab’s Hockey Open House Event! 🌟  Prepare for an extraordinary evening on March 27, 2023, starting at 5:30 pm, at our cutting-edge facility located at 185 Bridgeland Avenue, Unit 115   Step into a world where passion for hockey meets cutting-edge innovation. This event is not just a date on the…

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News Banner Cover Nutrition Concussion Recovery

Nutrition plays an essential role in supporting injury recovery. When focusing on concussion healing, we want to reduce inflammation and secondary symptoms (dehydration and hypoglycemia) while reducing the rate of muscle loss and fat gain.   Protect Body Composition:   3 equal parts of the plate:    1/3 plate in whole grains  1/3 plate in protein  1/3…

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Biomechanic Training And Benefits

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Every athlete, no matter who you are, moves differently. It doesn’t matter what the sport or movement is. The performance of all athletes depends on efficiently making the required movements to produce optimal results. Are you interested in reaching your full athletic potential? One way to achieve this goal is through biomechanic training. Movement analysis…

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