3D Orthopaedic


The orthopaedic movement testing options that you will find on the market right now are unable to extract highly specific data, which results in less accurate information, and are limited overall in their ability to capture any movement that is not one-directional.

Which is where we come in…

The Performance Lab is second-to-none in our ability to detect, analyze, and report on an individual’s biomechanical profile through the use of a scaled-down version of our Athlete Testing. Using a combination of 3D Motion Capture, Force Plate testing, and the Lab’s unique body ID algorithms, we are able to conduct the most advanced Orthopaedic testing available. With our unique process, we can truly test the functionality of an individual at a level that is unmatched.

Our team of biomechanists, in conjunction with our therapists, then take the results and dissect from them the important information that could not be recognized by the naked human-eye, or by a generic movement test.

Who could benefit from a 3D Orthopaedic Report?

• Individuals with unexplainable or undetermined issues
• Health-care Professionals
• Legal Services

The Performance Lab’s 3D Orthopaedic Report is truly the best option available for anyone looking to make determinations about one’s Orthopaedic status, and a perfect place to turn to for those needing to prove or refute an individual’s Orthopaedic claims, or confirm a prior diagnosis that may be in question.

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*Testing may be eligible for third-party insurance coverage.